Purple Lotus Yoga

Mind, Body & Spirit

For peace within

Purple Lotus Yoga

Mind, Body & Spirit

For peace within

About Lesley

My yoga journey began in the 1990s. At the time I was working within a large organisation that involved long hours, travel, not feeling challenged & stress.  My very first tentative steps on the mat held mixed wonderings. After many years of high impact exercise I was rather confused by the slow movements. After continued practice & finally immersing myself in my own yoga practice, it lead me to train to become a yoga teacher. A decision which has been & still is so rewarding & fulfilling in so many ways.

I did my foundation training with the British Wheel of Yoga &  my Teacher Training with the Devon School of Yoga 500 hour course. I continue to participate in other training including Restorative Yoga with Adelene Cheong a worldwide recognised teacher who herself trained with Judith Lasiter; Fiona Agombie  – Yoga for ME, Doug Keller – Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness Yoga, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, & Yoga Nidra. I also attend other workshops for different styles of yoga enabling me to use my knowledge & experience to influence my own style within my classes. I love teaching & watching people develop, & nurturing them as they grow in confidence on their mats.

Yoga is a beautiful lifelong learning experience & the practice of yoga is fundamentally an act of kindness towards oneself. This idea is often forgotten. My teaching style is warm & non-judgemental & my students often comment that I continue to bring variety, creativity & challenge to the class. I pride myself on teaching smaller classes & am a hands on teacher who watches, listens, focuses on individuals & adjusts students where I think necessary. I am always mindful of people’s ailments, illnesses & ability. I teach from a place of kindness, safety & wish to create a feeling of positive wellbeing.

Come along with an open mind & your body will follow.  What we learn on our mats we then take out into our everyday lives.




Lesley’s yoga classes are a joy. Such a variety of planned movements every week demonstrate the preparation & thought that are put into the class. SO beneficial. Thank You.


Practising yoga has enabled me to walk tall, and pull my stomach in, so improving my posture & making me feel more confident.


Relax, be flexible & aid pain relief.


What is YOGA?

Yoga first appeared in ancient sacred texts more a 5000 years ago. Its history can be mysterious & fascinating & the word ‘Yoga’ very simply means the union of the breath, mind, body & soul. It originated in ancient India & has been taught for many years in modern – day civilisations.

It is not a religion, political movement or a dogma. It is a way to bring harmony, peace & stillness in our ever changing, frenetic paced lifestyles. Yoga brings together the practice of physical postures & movement (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) & meditation (Dhyana) leading to a more balanced lifestyle. Nothing is forced but gradual & significant changes happen both physically & mindfully simply by practising yoga on a regular basis. It helps to improve health in so many ways…

Benefits of Yoga

Improves balance, coordination & self confidence


Creates greater flexibility


Increases endurance & stamina


Improved respiration, energy and vitality


Maintaining a balanced metabolism


Improved athletic performance


Improves strength of muscles & bones


Relieves stress & anxiety


Helps you to feel more calm & centered


Weight reduction


Cardio and circulatory health


Protection from injury


Join A Class Today!

Ottery St Mary

Gentle Yoga and Stretching

Mondays 10:30 to 11:45am

Hatha Yoga

Tuesdays 6:15 to 7:45pm

Hatha Yoga

Thursdays 9:15 to 10:45am

Hatha Yoga

Fridays 9:30 to 11:00am

Ottery St Mary Classes take place at either The Institute (19 Yonder Street, Ottery St Mary, EX11 1HD) or at Feoffee Hall (Brook Street, Ottery St Mary, EX11 1EZ)


Hatha Yoga

Mondays 5:45 to 6:45pm

Woodbury classes take place at Woodbury Church Rooms, Greenway, Woodbury, EX5 1NA.

Clyst St George

Hatha Yoga

Tuesdays 12:15 to 1:15pm

Clyst St George classes take place at the Parish Hall, Woodbury Road, Clyst St George, EX3 0RE


Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga practice in which you are ‘held’ in a yoga posture by props. (bolsters, blankets, yoga straps, cushions & blocks). It places an emphasis on going slow & relinquishing physical effort by using passive poses. Postures are held from five to thirty minutes. When you are in a posture you are completely supported and can profoundly relax. When you practice this style of yoga you can ‘let go’ both physically & mentally. A great analogy is to imagine that you are a flower & will grow & blossom with the addition of sunshine & nourishment from the soil & water. You are that flower that needs to unfold & became the best version of yourself & restorative yoga provides the environment in which to achieve this transformation.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a yoga practice that is slow, simple & mindful in which postures are held for longer periods of time to allow you to physically & emotionally unwind, & create energetic balance, physical harmony & peace for the mind. Postures can be held for up to five minutes & sometimes longer. This allows for safe stretching of muscles to keep them healthy but subtlely challenged. It cultivates a stillness to allow our minds & bodies to settle & be quiet & to enjoy being held in the present moment.

The workshops are held bi-monthly & will either be both Restorative & Yin Yoga combined or will be solely Restorative Yoga.

Please refer to my Gazette articles under the ‘archive’ title for pictures.

These classes will be advertised on my website.


What People Are Saying

I’ve been taking yoga classes with Les for several years. Les is extremely knowledgeable & all of her practices are varied. She is an excellent ‘teacher’ knowing our individual strengths & weaknesses & suggesting alternative poses for those who might need them. I have benefitted enormously from her classes. Les has a good sense of humour & we are very lucky to have her as our yogi.


Yoga has not only been a fantastic way to build my strength & flexibility, it is also a place of solace which allows me to revitalise my body & mind.


After a mornings’ yoga session, I feel invigorated for the rest of the day. The best stretch you have ever had.


I was diagnosed with a burn out in November 2016 and advised to take up yoga on a weekly basis. As I am quite an energetic person preferring doing energetic sports, I wasn’t sure about yoga though I decided that if I wanted to change things, I had to change the way I lived my life. Yoga with Lesley transformed my life to an extent that I am really disappointed if for some reason I cannot attend. I choose the Tuesday evening as it is almost straight after my work and set me up for the rest of the week. It has improved my health in many ways on a physical and mental level. Lesley’s class is all about you and how far your body allows you to go. I regained balance in my hectic life. Thank you


My one to one sessions give me specific time to focus on myself, my mind & body. Though not always successful in calming my mind every week, the practice is positive & constructive.


A lovely start to the week. (Monday morning class). It is great for my rounded back & the breathing and stretches are wonderful for my general health & relieving stress. A supportive, calm & friendly teacher who has a great repertoire & adapts all movements to our individual physical quirks. I call it the ‘Old Gits’ class – we are gently coaxed to extend ourselves!


Regular practice keeps my mind & body strengthened & healthy. I look forward to the weekly class & all of the benefits it brings.


My yoga practice is a pleasant way of being ‘challenged’, learning to relax & how to manage life ‘sensibly’. It also brings sharing & fun.     


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